отдых в Крыму

It is possible to enter few universities at once

Recently graduates made attempt to pass the trial testing, and their knowledge will be estimated truly from May, 6 for June, 5. Farther they will get certificates with which they will leave for the institutes of higher education. To increase the chances to become a student, notarized xerox copy of certificates can be given at once to few institutes of higher education.

The depchief of Feodosia Management of education Oksana Dymnich told to «Kafa», that the registration on testing stopped at the beginning of March, and on the trial testing which required payment, about 50 persons checked up their knowledge.

- The results of tests, got here, are not counted as results of the basic testing, the test enabled students to see the structure of tests, form of test tasks and rule of work with the forms of answers, - she explained.

The results of external independent evaluation which will pass in May-June are set off as attestation in track of universal middle education for graduating students 2009 years, and as preliminary examinations in the institutes of higher. The receiving commissions of institutes of higher will collect students on the sum of marks in the certificates of the Ukrainian center of evaluation of quality of education, given out graduating students. Collecting documents from university entrants, the institutes of higher will conduct the competition of certificates, the lowest passing score will be defined depending on the amount of persons interested to study.

O. Dymnich advises those graduating students which have questions on a receipt to contact with a receiving commission or go out on the internet-site of the chosen institute of higher, where will explain the rules of reception.

- In some educational establishments it will be necessary to pass interview or hand over additional examinations, for example, if the institutes of higher teach a culture, foreign languages or physical education, - Oksana Fedorovna marked.

Interests many graduating students, whether it is possible to submit documents on entering simultaneously a few institutes of higher.

- If in the rules of entering into the institute of higher this question and institute of higher is stipulated accepts xerox copy of documents, then giving documents in a few institutes of higher of one type is possible, - said O. of Dymnich. – Copies must be notarized a notary or seal of school.

Last year for participants, testing which was not able to be present on examinations on good reasons (state of health, departures for a border) conducted the additional sessions of testing, this year Department of education abolished such order, and additional sessions are not foreseen.

- While on normative documents being not on testing students will have to set aside entering institute of higher the next year, but if there will be some changes, about them will reveal to public through mass medias, - specified depchief of Management of education.

O. Dymnich reminded also, that it will be explained schoolboys in schools, where and when testing will pass, and from the Single city point of testing writing invitations will come the graduating students of past years with pointing of place and date.